Header image by Jessie Untracht-Oakner

1. Make eye Contact

2. Say, “Happy Valentine’s Day” and hand the human your card.

3. Walk away.

4. Repeat steps 1-3

Things to Keep in Mind

  • If you can give Valentines to tons of strangers, all the better. If you want to give Valentines to your friends, that's great too, but that's not Army of Lover's activity. 

  • Respect boundaries. If someone doesn't want your Valentine, it's all good. (Psst... we love you anyway, human.) 

  • This is a nice moment, but it's a moment. Appreciate it and move right along. 

  • We are not the free hug society, even if hugs are great. 

  • Our arm is made up of individuals, so the real gift comes when you do this on your own. You could go to a central place together, but we recommend that you approach people on your own. 

  • Be safe. Trust your instincts. An open heart requires open eyes. 

  • Be sober, friendly, approachable. Remember that you're pretty special. 

  • This is not a religious movement. If you are religious, awesome. If not, awesome. But this army exists outside of that. We are religion-neutral. And army-neutral. We love everyone, remember? 

  • Give out Valentines at your usual haunts. To everyone at the coffee shop. To the person behind the counter at the gas station. Make it part of your day. 

  • If you're handing out Valentines on public transportation, smaller is easier. On the street, bigger is better (as in a big, red heart).